SPE-3000S-2C 2 colors cotton tapes screen printing machine

Product Description

It can print any kind of roll to roll material, such as label ribbons,satin ribbons,lanyard ribbons,elastic tapes, heat transfer film,shoes laces, heavy duty webbings and so on.The main characteristias below:
1)powered by full automatic Servo Moto with a Ball-Screw-Assemblies instead of air pressure.
2)Adjusting printing position by Auto Sensors system instead of handcraft.
3)Tension controller and the brake make the conveying exactly.

Model NO


Printing Area




Printing linest




MAX. Speed /H


Max. Power


Machine Size

9.5M * 1.0M* 1.3M

Printing Side

single side



Driven Type

Electric Servo Moto


1)Muti-color printing, colours: This model has 1c, 2c, 3c, 4c.

2)Over printing for more colors, it can print 5C~8C too

3)Both sides printing several trips at one time

4)slice printing

5)Micro adjusting meter for frame adjusting automatically.

6)Anti-wind device makes the ribbon pulled into dryer after printing.

7)Infrared dryer and heater make the any kinds ink dry enough.

8)Free set up the printing times and the carry times on electronic touch screen.

9)Several sensors tracing the situation of the feeding materials.

10)Dryer lift while the machine stopping

11)Most core parts import from Europe&Japan.

Good after service, guarantee time 12 months, and we have

professional engineers to install the machine for you and train

Your staffs until they master the machine. All of this is free.

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