Automatic table Screen Printing Machine

Automatic screen printing machine



1. Printing type: Automatic platform screen printing

2. Application:Clothing, clothing accessory, knitting fabric, Cut-parts, shoe, braid, artificial leader,PVC/PU/PE/PP

3. Material: water slurry, mucilage, printing ink


Production Advantage

1. The color areas meet precisely no matter how many times you register

2. The machine can be matched with your table, it do not need change your table

3. The machine have fast register sets,it is so simple and convenient that you just need one register,then it goes well

4. The machine not only can be control with branch, but can also be adjusted the high of the screen, the pressure of the scrape and the speed of the printing

5. It is save 60% cost because the machine is printing continuously,discrete printing, turn-by-turn navigation

6. Configuration is simple, controlling is easy, trouble is little, convenient to maintain the best is our one-key-rescue system



1. The imaginary line is the working route when unilateral printing

2. Add path semicircular which is made ferrous material in front and back

3. The machine can operate entirely on electricity stored in batteries, not need electric power and pneumatic starter

4. The machine is matched with you original runway

5. If you have the remove path semicircular, you can share one machine to numerous runway



1. In close register, the color areas meet precisely, it reached 100%. The repeatability is ±0.01mm, and also the register is ±0.01mm,it can be satisfied with fine dot printing

2. Our automatic machine instead of manual work with saving cost and labor, you only need a worker to operate 2-4 our machine, that solve the trouble of the labor shortage, unmanageable and high cost.

3. It can make multi-color printing and thick plate printing,the effect is the same as the handmade. A unskilled worker also can operate the machine in one minute.

4. High and adjustable printing speed provides optimum printing result and easy operation, 8-12 times in one minute,so that 800-1000 times in 1 hour.

5. The machine can be matched with our table , it do not need change your table.

6. Our machine have fast register sets,it is so simple and convenient that you just need 1 register,then it goes well.

7. The pressure of the scraper is always in the same way when it works. So that it make uniform oil-sealing and same color keeping.From now on, one only releases codependent skilled worker but also improve the quality.


Technical parameter





for table screen printing


water slurry, mucilage, printing ink,
unlimited pigment

Max Printing Frame



Max Printing Area



Platen with

Inside:1100mm - 1900mm

Application code type

Upper leaning circle code

work way

Electric,storage with 12 hours


800 - 1200 times/hour



Adjustment range

0.3kgf - 10kgf


0.3 - 0.6 Meter/Second

Note : Various size can be customized

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