1970s Dopsing machinery technology Co., ltd. was established in HongKong,the first label machine was invented in Asia and was widely accepted by market.Pioner Mr Peter was actually the first batch HK enterpreneur of label ribbons printing who was very strong interested in machine manufacturing.

1983 Demonstarted label printing machine in the expo in Shanghai

1990s for the business expansion,the factory was moved to DongGuan and registered “leadtech” as trademark.

1999 First Hot Staming Label Printer and Ultrosonic Cutter published in China

2000 The first full automatic screen printing machine of leaders came into market,but it still not make Mr Peter satisfaction.His goal was get rid of Japan machine & its copy machines and surpass them.Mr Qiuhuisheng who was the director of R & D department determined to changed that.

Dopsing machinery technology Co., ltd.

2002 The frist patent servo roll to roll screen printing machine with e-sensor color register function SPE-3000 came into market. SPE-3000 had gotten a good sale record in abroad,but its sale in China was not ideal due to its higher cost and competitors’ malig-nant price competition.some staffs advised to replace the import parts into domestic brand,but the company executors were very persistence and insist to high price and high quality route and refused to use cheap parts instead of.

2003 Developed agents in oversea market

2006 Granted science & technology corporation by local city goverment.

2007 The 2nd generation full automatic screen printing machine SPE-3000S came into the market.Although PAXAR/AVERY -DENISSION/SML/ESQUEL had been our clients already at that time.In China,and showed at ITMA;granted science & technology corporation by local province goverment.

2009 Recorganized the corporation.the 3rd generation electronic ribbon screen printer successful developed.

Dopsing machinery technology Co., ltd.

2010 Good news was continuously! SPE-3000S wins a lawsuit about its patent.Due to Dopsing only keep reseaching and develo-ping screen printing machine,cost bring down and got a good feedback in China market!Meanwhile,we won the final litigation that a Guangdong company invaded our “E-sensor color register” patent.The most inspiration is the global high temperature steel conveyor screen printing machine TS-150 comes into globel market, we sold more than 100 sets .it will be a revolutionary change!TS-150 is the machine that users eager to get,it is also the product which our competitors want to break through.it means a new “steel converyor belt times”will come soon...

2011 it was merged with KIN WAH Dyeing machinery Co.,Ltd. and the name changed into DOPSINGChange log to new DOPSINGMove factory to a new workship with a ownership.

2012 WET-4000S automatic screen printing machine successful developed.it presents faster,more accurate,more benefits!

2013 the 4th generation electronic screen label-ribbon printing SPE-3000S came into the market successfully,and successful develop the slitting machine.

Every one year DOPSING will develop many new printer,and 3-5 years later it will be the biggest screen printer supplier and DOPSING will be a famous brand in the world.

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